June 9, 2024

Convex Hulls

Last night I was surfing in my PC,I found the convex hull program in the folder of academic projects , I remember that I coded it about a year ago when I was passing the computianal geometery course at Beheshti university. it motivates me to write new post in the blog about Convex Hulls Problem.

Download Convex Hulls Program here.

The Convex Hull is one of the fundamental Problems in computational geometry.
the problem is : Given a set X of points, find the smallest convex shape (Hull) that contains X.
a shape (Hull) is convex if for every pair of points q and p within the shape, the straight line that joins q to p is also within the shape, i.e. the line does not cross the borders of the shape.

Convex Hull
Convex Hull

There exist Several Algorithms represented for solving Convex Hulls, e.g. Gift wrapping – O(n^2) , Graham scan — O(n log n) and Incremental convex hull algorithm — O(n log n).

Convex Hull
Computed convex hull for points

The use cases of Convex Hull problem is in Image Processing, GIS, Robot Motion, statictis and Surprisingly in chemistry and petroleum industry!!

This program is written by C# 2008. hope you find this program and post useful .

Download Convex Hulls Program here.

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  1. The ConvexHull.exe link seems to be dead and the source isn’t on your github account. Would you ever consider posting your ConvexHull implementation for a more in depth review?

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