May 30, 2024

Computer Engineering or Computer Science ?

I got my  B.E in Computer Engineering and now I am studying Master degree  in Computer Science .I think  Computer Engineering focuses on the practical aspects of development and use of computers, and so courses in digital logic design ,programming languages and UML are typically found in Computer Engineering programs; while Computer Science is more concerned with the theoretical underpinnings of computation and of programming; thus you can find courses in  algorithms, optimization, numerical analysis, and the theory of computation (what can and cannot in principle be computed) in Computer Science programs. As Michael Fellows truly  said : Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.

Finally, to make a long story short, no matter which one you choose for university degrees. After graduation in both major, its important to have good knowledge of algorithms, programming languages, ability and creativity to implement any thing goes on in your mind.

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